Issue 01 + You = Awesome

Issue 01 is here! Order your copy now, or read some of the content free online first: Michael Snyder’s “Tommy and Me” is available here.

The Greatest Stories Are the Ones That Get Told

Great art glorifies God. Writing is art. Great writing glorifies God.

That’s the math behind Greater Sum.

Contemporary American Christianity generally emphasizes music as the primary art form that can glorify God. Oh, there are visual arts and even a smattering of poetry here and there. But what about prose?

Greater Sum exists to fill that gap—to provide prose writers with an outlet for work that is rooted in or entangled with or curious about or prompted by faith. And we’re doing so with an eye on what it means to have faith in the 21st century. How does Christianity work today, with all the technological advances, shared knowledge, social change, and resources?

There are a small handful of other journals who embrace artists and faith, but Greater Sum focuses on prose only (though we’re open to a wide interpretation of what that looks like).

Read what we’re all about, then support us if you’re able. And please send us your work or share the word with friends, family, your communities, etc.

Thank you, and welcome. Let’s make art together.